40 Years Of Running And Still Going

SAVANNAH, GA-  Sixty-eight-year-old Jenny Kyle has a simple path to happiness.
“I just love running,” said Kyle. “Whether I’m by myself, with other people, whatever. No matter what the conditions, the weather conditions. I will be outside.”

Jenny will run in the half marathon for this year’s Rock And Roll Marathon, she currently lives and trains in Savannah but she’s raced all around the world in different climates.

“One in England. Three in Denver. Boston Twice and the rest have been here in Savannah. My best time was three oh nine.”

She loves the local marathon because there’s a huge advantage to this race, it’s right in her back yard.

“I like the fact that it’s local. I don’t have to spend a fortune going somewhere else to do it. Yes definetely because it’s a beautiful city to run in,” said Kyle.

While training for a marathon at any age is very difficult, Jenny had some timeless advice for anyone who’s ready to start training.

“Just get out there and do it. If you can’t do it by yourself to do it. Make an agreement to go with somebody else. Because that way…if you…you’ve got to go. If you make an arrangement and they don’t go. You do the workout anyway,” said Kyle.

If you keep up the running habit, then something else will eventually start to motivate you.

“But I think once you get used to the fact that you’re doing it. Once you make it a habit. Then it’s like oh I better go do it because I’m going to feel guilty if I don’t,” said Kyle.

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