Music Heals: Survivor inspires others through breast cancer choir

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – One woman turned to music as a perfect therapy during her battle with breast cancer. Now, she’s inspiring others to do the same.

As a preacher’s child, Vera Jennings performed on stage and in her church choir most of her life. She has always concentrated on family, singing gospel music and protecting her health.

Jennings had her annual mammogram religiously, and time after time she got the all clear doctors.

It wasn’t until October 2015 that she felt something was off.

“Imaging never detected anything,” Jennings says. “I noticed a lump under my arm, and I went back to the doctor and they diagnosed me with fatty tissue.”

She says she made the decision to have the lump removed and doctors took six lymph nodes along with it.

All six came back positive for breast cancer.

“We handled the cancer like a gladiator. I was grateful for just being able to go through the situation and coming out of it as strong as I did,” says Jennings.

She battled through three surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and a mastectomy. Through it all, Jennings says the power of music helped her heal.

“For me, an MP3 player is what I had daily at chemo and radiology, and the music just heals,” Jennings explains. “I mean the messages that you can get through music — it just uplifts your spirit so much.”

Jennings is taking inspiration from her own journey to help others protect their health. She just formed a breast cancer choir made up of survivors, family members and friends.

The group’s ‘Music Heals’ concert will be held on Sunday, October 29  at 5 p.m. at Greater Emmanuel Tabernacle Church on Stiles Avenue. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Tune in tomorrow morning on WSAV’s The Bridge to learn more about the concert and Vera Jennings’ journey.

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