Veterans honored fifty years after the Vietnam War

SAVANNAH, GA – The military community came together in Savannah to honor veterans who served in the Vietnam War fifty years ago.

The Georgia Department of Veteran Service (GDVS) Savannah Veteran Field Service collaborated with “The Mighty Fortress” to put on the Vietnam War Certificate of Honor ceremony at St. John Baptist Church on Saturday. Organizers said they wanted to honor and acknowledge the sacrifice of veterans who never received the homecoming they deserved.

More than 58,000 U.S. Military died in the Vietnam War. According to the National Archives, 1,581 of the fallen were from Georgia and 895 from South Carolina.

GDVS commissioner Mike Roby told News 3 that he felt honored to shake the hands of soldiers who paved the way for the current generation and thank them for their service.

Veterans who spoke to News 3 also said that they hope to continue to receive the same recognition as other men who have fought for this country.

“When we came home, we didn’t get no parade or anything like that, so I’m just glad, and I hope that they do more for all veterans. Veterans should be all as one, because we share our blood for this country, we fought for this flag, so I just hope that it continues,” said Donald Singleton, Vietnam Veteran.

The veterans received state certificates of honor as well as Vietnam lapel pins from the Department of Defense.

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