Hitting the pavement for Pink Hero Run 2017

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Savannah community came together Friday night to fight breast cancer.

Dozens of people hit the pavement for the annual Pink Hero Run. It’s put on by the Lewis Cancer and Research Pavilion at St. Joseph’s Candler to honor women battling the disease. Mothers, sisters and daughters dressed in tutus and capes to celebrate survivors and the obstacles they’ve overcome. Others ran or walked the 5K for loved ones who couldn’t be there themselves.

“It’s your mom’s best friend and it’s your grandmother and you love them and you wish that they were still here but they can’t be so you know most people love October for Halloween, I love it for Breast Cancer Awareness month,” runner Cori Sessions said.

One breast cancer survivor has some advice for those still fighting.

“You just have to fight because you want to live, you’ve got a lot to live for, and you just have to put your God armor on like I did, and fight,” said Stage 2 breast cancer survivor, Joan Carrillo.

All of the proceeds from tonight’s Pink Hero Run will benefit the Telfair Mammography Fund to help women who cannot afford the annual screening.

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