Video: Jacksonville neighborhoods report increase in KKK flyers

(WTLV/NBC News) Residents in several Jacksonville, Florida neighborhoods say they’ve found rolled up flyers containing messages from the Ku Klux Klan in the past few days. While it is not unusual for the Klan to drop flyers around Jacksonville, the language in this latest batch of flyers takes their message to a new level, including specific threats.

“My wife came out and she saw this little rolled up piece of paper, picked it up and read it and went to me crying saying she couldn’t believe what she was seeing,” said John Rando. “I hope that the world can just get along and peacefully work together in unity for America’s sake.”

One of the fliers contains threats against African-Americans who are caught “making eyes” at white women, as well as threats against Jews.

The Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

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