GBI, campus police investigate graffiti found in Armstrong bathroom

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Campus police are investigating a threat written in an Armstrong State University restroom on Tuesday.

Students discovered graffiti containing “racist and threatening language” and shared the note on Snapchat.

The graffiti written in a Science Center bathroom read, “Today is the day that all the n— will pay he’s coming. Bang, bang.”

According to the University president, Jennifer Frum, the incident appears to be isolated and a full police investigation is underway.

“We will not tolerate language that threatens any members of the Armstrong community,” a statement from Frum reads. “This incident does not reflect our values as an institution.”

University Police released a statement this evening saying they have “actively been investigating the incident since it was reported yesterday.”

They also say the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was contacted and is assisting in the investigation.

“University Police and the GBI continue to investigate the incident, but do not feel there is an immediate threat at this time,” the statement reads.

Though the message has been removed from the bathroom, it hasn’t erased the concern from the minds of some students.

“Hearing something like that and letting it hinder and further my education is very scary. It’s very life-threatening too,” says Dominique Moultrie, a freshman at ASU.

The university would not comment on-camera but referred us back to a statement released on Facebook this morning.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the University Police Department at (912) 344-3333.

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