Video: Thousands forced to evacuate as Canyon Fire Two spreads

ANAHEIM, Calif. (CNN) — Parts of California are struggling to deal with devastating wildfires.

This includes the city of Anaheim, where the “Canyon Fire Two” has forced thousands of homes to evacuate.

Fueled by fierce winds, dramatic video shows home after home going up in flames in Anaheim Hills.

Firefighters hauled out family heirlooms.

They tried for hours to save it.

But when embers ignited an awning on the home, the roof caught fire and it collapsed.

Just across the street,  Dr. Karen Johnson was so grateful she and her son could return home tonight, she handed out cookies to firefighters.

“Absolutely grateful. I am so grateful for every firefighter here. I’ve been thanking them all afternoon.”

Just down the road, a woman said, “I saw my neighbor’s house burning live on TV.”

This homeowner was desperate to check on her property.

“These were beautiful trees that all burned, but I’m glad my house is fine.”

In North Tustan, panic set in when flames threatened to jump jamboree.

Many were evacuated but luckily no homes were lost.

“It’s scary. I was trying to get home and there’s not enough information telling us which roads to take, which not roads to take.”

Have you ever seen anything like this this close?

“No. No, I was in the big earthquake in Northridge, but nothing like this.”

The Canyon Fire Two has scorched 6,000 acres.

An Anaheim police spokesman says the fire was five percent contained.

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