Port Wentworth mayor will not run for fourth term

Mayor Glenn Jones of the City of Port Wentworth

PORT WENTWORTH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Mayor of the City of Port Wentworth has decided not to run for a fourth term.

Mayor Glenn Jones says he resolved the halt after much thought and prayer.

“I struggled this past year trying to make the decision whether it was right for me to seek re-election,” Jones said in an official statement. “After consulting with friends and being urged to by many others I made the decision to qualify.”

Jones has served as the mayor for the past twelve years, but in the interest of himself and his family, he has decided to halt his candidacy.

“Part of me wants to continue the quest, but if I can’t give 100% it’s time to [pass] the gavel to someone else,” Mayor Jones stated.

In the statement released today, Jones expressed his love for the city and his appreciation for the support of his community and staff.

Mayor Jones will leave this December, but says, “I still will be around.”

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article state that Mayor Jones “has withdrawn his candidacy for a fourth term.”

According to the City of Port Wentworth, an Affidavit of Withdrawal has not been received from Mayor Jones, but he did state “I have withdrawn my candidacy,” in a letter WSAV received.

Mayor Jones remains an official candidate until the proper documentation is received.

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