More Credit Card Skimmers Found on Local Gas Pumps

Its a growing problem that could cost you money and your identity, gas pump skimmers.

Two were found by a customer at the Pilot Gas station on Highway 21 near I-95.

The devices were placed inside the gas pumps.

A skimmer can collect hundreds of credit card numbers and passwords without anyone knowing

Police say an alert customer noticed them and alerted the station after seeing the broken “inspection tag” on the outside of the pump.

The skimmers are used to hack into the pump and collect your information when you swipe your credit card.

This comes of the heels of an arrest in Long county last month of a man with several skimmer devices, and some found inside the pumps at gas stations in Hardeeville, South Carolina.

“The absolute best defense for the consumer is to either prepay or pay inside the store,” says Port Wentworth Police Sgt Kenny McDonald. That prevents the card skimmer from even coming into the picture. Even if its on the pump if you are paying in the store they cant get the data.”

Detectives don’t know how much if any data the crooks were able to get from the skimmers. Some use bluetooth technology to download the information straight to an outside computer, others need to be picked back up from the pump and downloaded directly to a computer.

If you know anything about these skimmers, call Port Wentworth Police right away.

Things to watch out for at the pump:

Check to see if the pump you’re using looks different than the machines around it
Find a gas pump or ATM in a well-lit, surveillance area
Avoid using debit cards and inputting pin numbers
Monitor your bank account transactions
Set up fraud bank alerts on your phone
Download the skimmer scanner app for Android

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