City of Beaufort offers sandbags to property owners in preparation for Nate

BEAUFORT, Sc. (WSAV) – After many homes in the Royal Oaks and Mossy Oaks areas flooded in Tropical Storm Irma,  the city took action, putting together a taskforce to find the problems and a permanent solution.

“We had a meeting on the 28th of last month; we had a 50-75 neighbors from the Mossy Oaks area that were really concerned about the flooding we had,” said City Manager Bill Prokop, “One of the questions that came up: ‘Can you help us… what can we do to protect our own homes?’”

Now, with the possibility of a Tropical Storm Nate hitting,

“We do have an abnormally high tide cycle this weekend, coupled with the possibility for rain,” said Fire Chief Reece Bertholf with the City of Beaufort/Town of Port Royal Fire Dept., “We know where to expect flooding and so do the residents, and so we’re trying to partner with the residents to give them a short term solution.”

That short term solution is sandbags.

“Because a few neighbors in that area had done that with their house and their house was not flooded,” said Prokop.

Public works brought sand and the fire department brought bags, setting up a filling-station at the back of Southside Park Thursday, Friday and Saturday for both residents and business owners.

“We put fire fighters out there assisting residents filling sand bags and getting them loaded up in their personal vehicles to take home,” said Bertholf.

“You lay down a piece of plastic, you line it with sandbags and build a wall much like you would with Legos, and then you wrap the last piece of, the last row of the wall, you put the plastic underneath it, you create a paper barrier behind that, and the water cannot push through the plastic,” Berthold instructed.

While the taskforce continues to work on the long term…

“This is an 800-acre watershed problem and we’re trying to address that for the long term, not just fix the immediate flooding that’s in somebody’s driveway or in their yard,” Prokop said.

The sandbags are available Friday from 3-7 p.m. and Saturday from 1-5 p.m at  1 Southside Park Loop.

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