VIDEO: 4 rehabilitated sea turtles released off South Carolina coast

ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCBD) – Four rehabilitated sea turtles were released off of the coast of South Carolina Tuesday afternoon.

A 63 lb. loggerhead, named Hank, had been cared for at the Sea Turtle Hospital since May.

Hank is one of four sea turtles returned to the Atlantic Ocean after being rehabilitated at a South Carolina Aquarium.

Jacob, a 160 lb. loggerhead suffering from a shark bite has been recuperating since June.

In all, three loggerheads and one Kemp’s ridley sea turtle were released at Isle of Palms County Park.

Sheldon, the Kemp’s ridley, had been hit by a boat and Caldwell was found after being tangled in fishing line.

One very reluctant sea turtle started heading back toward town, but volunteers quickly put him on the right course.

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