Recent storms, new trend for Coastal Empire and Lowcountry?

Flooding still present on Tybee Island at Chatham Avenue. - photos via WSAV Martin Staunton on 9/12

Savannah — (WSAV)

With recovery efforts still underway after Irma, we are all hoping Tropical Storm Nate will dodge our area. But, with so many storms coming our way in the past year, we wanted to know if major storms are now becoming the norm?
First it was Hermine last year, then Matthew, and Irma just weeks ago. We’re all hoping this is not a new trend.
Prior to last year, many of us can’t remember the last time the Savannah area felt a major Hurricane. In fact, the last storm to hit us directly was Hurricane David in 1979.
So, it appears, last September, Tropical Storm Hermine sparked it all once again, leaving massive amounts of debris and causing widespread damage.
And, after Hermine, many folks across the Low Country remember Tropical Storm Julia. She brought heavy rain and wind.
Obviously, none of us will ever forget Hurricane Matthew one year ago, and of course, Irma, three weeks ago. So, are major storms becoming a new trend for our area?

“There’s no question this has been an unusually active year we’ve had a couple of monster hurricanes, Irma, Harvey. The Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean, the Gulf have all been well above normal in terms of the temperature, and that has really helped to fuel these storms,” says Kyle Dennis, Storm Team 3 Meteorologist.
Trend or not, in the case of Nate or any other storm, the key is to always be prepared.

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