Memorial Health prepares for a mass casualty situation

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Parker’s Emergency and Trauma Center at the Memorial University Medical Center is prepared for any mass casualty situation.

The Trauma Center is the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry’s largest emergency department. It’s a Level One center, which means it provides the highest level of emergency care, from prevention to rehabilitation.

In case of a mass casualty, Dr. James Dunne, Chief of Trauma and Surgical Care at Memorial Hospital, says all surgeons and/or staff will be notified.

The center has 22 operating rooms that can expand up to 26, and 50 to 70 beds in the emergency room that can fit patients. The staff also goes through mass casualty training every six months.

“The bottom line is, injured people don’t wait for you to have a slow day in the emergency room, they’re going to come in when they come in so you’ve got to practice your mass casualty plan and practice, practice, practice,” said Dunne.

As the hospital continues to expand, it is constantly updating and improving its emergency procedure. Dunne told News 3 that Memorial brought in people from the Pulse Nightclub shooting to share tips and information with the medical staff.

“It’s organized chaos, and that’s the best that they can describe it, it’s organized versus just mass chaos because then you start losing people. I feel pretty confident that we’re in a good place right now, but we still have to continue to train, that’s going to be the key moving forward for any facility,” said Dunne.

Dr. Dunne also told News 3 it’s important for people to have basic knowledge on how to apply tourniquets in life-threatening situations.

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