Las Vegas shooting sparks gun control debate

(CNN) — The massacre in Las Vegas has re-ignited the debate over gun control.

A lot of questions still surround the massacre in Las Vegas.

Investigators still want to know which guns the shooter used,  and a lot of people have wondered whether some of them were automatic weapons.

Meanwhile, the deaths of 59 people in yet another mass shooting has re-ignited the debate on gun control.

The sign, “thought and prayers are not enough,” echoes a sentiment many people have expressed in the wake of the massacre in Las Vegas amid another call for stricter gun control laws.

Lisa Hansen, protest organizer, said,  “I don’t think that the Second Amendment was designed to include weapons of mass destruction for everyday citizens.”

Several Democratic lawmakers did the same on Tuesday, hoping to get the ball rolling on new legislation.

Sen. Chris Murphy, (D-Connecticut) said, “Let’s spend a little bit of time this week and next week coming up with some bipartisan solution to this epidemic, so that we don’t continue to offer what is a quiet endorsement of these continued killings.”

Investigators are still looking into what guns from Stephen Paddock’s arsenal he used in the shootings, but 12 of those guns had what are known as “bump-fire” stocks — which allow a semi-automatic weapon to be fired much more rapidly.

Jill Snyder, ATF Special Agent in Charge, explained, “Bump-fire stocks, while simulating automatic fire, do not actually alter the firearm to fire automatically, making them legal under current federal law.”

Stephen Paddock bought one of his guns — a shotgun — from Dixie Gunworx in St. George, Utah. The store’s owner says Paddock passed all the federal regulations and background checks with no problem, and he says there weren’t any red flags.

But, even though he says it’s unlikely that shotgun was used in Sunday’s shooting, Chris Michel says he’d still like to know why Stephen Paddock did what he did.

“I do have that pit. I do have that guilt. I know I’m not at fault, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to have some of a closure, going, ‘Okay. There’s the answer that I have personally been looking for.'”


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