Video: Pulse survivors stand with Las Vegas

ORLANDO (WESH) — Survivors of the Pulse Nightclub attack are responding to Sunday’s Las Vegas massacre with words of support.

“I can feel it in all my wounds, it’s like reliving that morning all over again,” said survivor Tony Marrero. “All my senses and emotions are triggered just thinking of those families and friends of victims.”

Brandon Wolf, another survivor says “It feels all too real again. My heart truly aches for the families and survivors. Their road ahead is long.”

The owner of the Pulse nightclub, Barbara Poma, said that news of the Las Vegas shooting to her back to her darkest time.

“It’s not something we get over, it’s just something we get through, and they’re not alone, even though they feel really alone, I’m sure,” Poma said.

Terry DeCarlo, the Director of Orlando’s LGBT Center has reached out to community leaders in Las Vegas.

He has requested counselors be available and he’s activated the Center’s Emergency Hotline: 888-773-1665.

DeCarlo encourages anyone who is feeling emotional or overwhelmed to reach out and ask for help.

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