Video: FEMA aid finally delivered to storm victims in need in Puerto Rico

PUERTO RICO (CNN) — Much has been made about the slow response of federal raid to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

Now on the move, help, two weeks after Hurricane Maria.

These are meals that are now being handed over from the federal government- FEMA- into the hands of the Puerto Rican National Guard.  They are now on their way to remote areas on the western part of the island to get to the people that need it most.

After an hour and a half following the convoy, one truck peels off to Guayanilla, still bearing the scars of Maria in southwest Puerto Rico.

Carrying badly needed water. Food.

It’s the first time the National Guard has delivered aid straight from FEMA here, according to town officials. But it’s not all for here.

The rest goes down the road to another community in need.

The vice mayor in this town of more than 20,000 admits the lines are getting longer.

I’m asking him if this is enough? He says No.

Frustration is growing.

Gustavo Adolfo Vega, said, “There are people here who need other people. Please do something.”

Is the government doing enough?

A resident says, “Not enough. Let’s be real, if this would have been United States none of this would have been happening.”

But this is the United States.

“A lot of people don’t know this is the United States and they don’t treat it like United States.”

The food sent by the U.S. government barely makes a meal.

There are 20 of these in one of these boxes. They are an emergency meal and each one has crackers, raisins, granola and some Vienna sausage for these people to take home.”

Less than an hour later the announcement comes … there is no more food.

She says she is sad that there is no food left … But at least there is water that she can get now for later.

Federal help is arriving, but it’s not nearly enough for everyone in need.

Here in Guayanilla, the wait continues now for more water, for more food, for more help from FEMA.

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