President Trump visits Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria recovery

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (NBC News) — President Trump has arrived in Puerto Rico today to meet with residents struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria.

He will get an update of the aftermath of Hurricane Maria from the Government of Puerto Rico and a firsthand look at the storm damage on the island.

This trip comes amid criticism that the federal government’s response has been sluggish.

Lines for gas and food have dwindled, but people still continue to stand in line for ice to preserve the food in their homes.

Much of the power grid is still down and there is not much cell reception in most of the areas outside of San Juan, which has made it extremely difficult for people to connect with loved ones.

Some Puerto Ricans say that the president took a little too long, in their view, to come to the island and criticize the time it took to appoint three-star general Jeffrey Buchanan.

He was appointed on day eight in the aftermath of the storm.

Residents are hoping that with the commander in chief’s visit, and once he gets a briefing from the governor in Puerto Rico, they will get the aid they need.

The main concern is to restore the power grid, which has slowed down the recovery in Puerto Rico.

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