Mom wants justice for son brutally attacked at high school football game

LAKE STATION, Indiana (CNN) — An Indiana teen is recovering after he was attacked at a high school football game–and the attack was caught on cell phone video.

michelle gallardo reports.

Brutally beaten in the aftermath of a high school football game in Lake Station, Indiana, 14-year-old Frankie Coulter had to be airlifted to Comer Children’s Hospital and temporarily placed in a medically induced coma Friday night.

His mother, Kristine King, said, “I was scared to death. He’s got a neck brace on. He’s got tubes breathing for him. He couldn’t breathe on his own.”

King says her son was taking pictures for the school newspaper during a highly anticipated rivalry game between River Forest, where he’s a freshman, and Edison, where the matchup took place.

The fight was caught on cellphone video–those responsible are seen fleeing the scene by another school mom, Trisha Nalley.

Nalley said, “We get to the boy. He’s not moving. He’s unconscious. He was bleeding from him his nose and his mouth. Put my blanket and put it under his head. He immediately started seizing.”

Ironically, Nalley recognized the attackers as a group of boys who’ve bullied and fought with her son in the past.

It’s gotten so bad with one of them in particular; she says she’s filed multiple police reports and even tried to get a restraining order but was unsuccessful since they all attend Edison.

Nalley said, “I was actually going to leave at halftime and my son came up to me and said that there was an issue going on, there might be an issue, so I had to end up staying the entire game, so upon exiting the game I really thought for a minute it was my son.”

Administrators for Edison High School say they are aware of the situation.

In statement, they wrote, “We have zero tolerance for bullying and fighting…We cannot comment on details regarding the students involved, but are disciplining according to our student handbook and school policy.”

Coulter’s mother, however says she believes Edison is turning a blind eye; refusing to discipline someone with a known history.

She said, “I do know that he was expelled last year. And they let him back in this year. I’m not real sure why. This is ridiculous. The one thing they should be able to do is go to a school function without getting beat up.”

The New Chicago Police Department is in charge of the investigation, but because they are so small, they’re not staffed on the weekends. We were unable to reach them for comment.

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