Metro Police: Security Plan in place for this weekend’s ‘Picnic in the Park’

Savannah — (WSAV)

If an active shooter situation happened in Savannah, would you know what to do or where to go?
Thousands of country music fans were out enjoying something most of us all love — loud music underneath the stars. But, they only had seconds to think about what to do in the case of the unthinkable.

Safety officials say have a plan in place before you head out to any event.

“You should have a discussion with your family, the people that you’re with in the event — we’re separated, we’re going to meet here,” says Gerry Long, Crime Expert.
“Are you close to a door? Are you far away from a door? How close are you to the exit? Picnic in the Park is an example, there’s exits everywhere,” she says.

Long says it may be difficult, but in situations such as this, try not to panic, keep calm and get to a safe place.
Metro Police officials will only say they do have a security plan in place for this weekend’s Picnic in the Park. They say the public’s safety remains their top priority.

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