What’s next for proposed name change for Talmadge Bridge?

Several members of Chatham County’s legislative delegation say they are ready to move forward after Thursday’s action from the Savannah Ctiy Council on the Talmadge Bridge.

The council unanimously passed a resolution to ask state leaders and lawmaker to change the name to the “Savannah Bridge.”

The bridge is named for a Georgia Governor Eugene Talmadge, described as a racial divider.

One lawmaker, Mickey Stephens told us “it’s time that name is off.”

Another lawmaker, Ron Stephens indicated he would “support the mayor and council but this is a controversial issue.”

Lawmaker Jesse Petrea says he plans to listen to what people have to say about the issue, but “doesn’t see the entire state legislature voting for a change like this.”

Petrea said changing the name of this bridge would open the floodgates to requests to change the names of other bridges as well as other things.

Still, Mickey Stephens has some hope saying “the council has made it clear it wants this.” Mr. Stephens believes there may be a way to move forward with the name change next year.

Meanwhile, the council’s resolution is being sent not only to state lawmakers, but Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia Department of Transportation.

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