Sick girl singing in viral video leaves hospital

OAKLAND (CNN) — It’s a story that’s inspired millions of people–largely due to a YouTube video made in the hospital of a 4-year-old girl in a hospital room singing her favorite Mandisa song, “Overcomer.

A little California girl is fighting a rare blood disease, and now she’s doing her part to help others.

Here’s Leah Carroll’s story.

Lindsay Carroll, the little girl’s mother said, “She does encapsulate that song…she is such an overcomer.”

“It’s amazing to see what a little 30 second video can do…I mean it just blew up.”

Today, Leah is on her way to a clean bill of health having received a second bone marrow transplant at Oakland Children’s Hospital

Lindsay said, “I like to say that all the pain we went through… when we see the inspiration that’s been taken for our story.”

Leah has even met Mandisa, and she will soon meet the Iowa woman who donated her bone marrow.

“She’s a farm girl and she’s a teacher by day, and she’s in the Navy Reserves–it’s cool for me to think that Leah has a little bit of that in her.”

Leah’s prognosis is excellent, so now she and her family are squarely focused on helping others.

Kids and adults are in need of bone marrow transplants, especially in mixed race or minority communities.

Dr. Mark Walters M.D of Benioff Children’s Hospital said, “If you’re white and from Northern European background, the likelihood of finding a match is 70 percent. If you’re African American, it drops to 19/18 percent.”

Leah has become a poster child of sorts for; helping to dramatically increase the number of prospective donors.

Her mother said, “She has no idea. I told her one time, honey you’re changing the world and she goes ‘I know.’”

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