Meet this week’s Perfect Pets

Kerryann and Blazz

In our Perfect Pet pick this week: If you prefer your furry friends to be chill, you’ll want to check out these siblings. These 5-month-old kittens are Kerryann and Blazz. The people at the Humane Society tell me they are sweet, but prefer their space. They would be great for someone who likes cats but doesn’t want a lap cat.


If yar lookin’ for a wicked good friend, look no further than this furry guy!

Check out Boston! He’s a fun-loving 2 year-old terrier, American Staffordshire mix looking for his forever home! He is very active, loves kids, other dogs — like his best friend Jazzy — and wants to spend his time cuddling up next to you when the day is done. He’s also super smart — knowing such complicated commands like sit, leave it, and off!  Plus, you don’t have to worry about him making a mess inside because he’s already house and crate trained.



Meet Saphira! She’s a sweet kitty who loves playing with her toys and loving on whomever will give her affection. When this former-momma is not all-paws about her feather teaser, she’s lounging on her cat tree being inspired by the world outside the window.


If your life is a little dull, how about jazzing it up a little?  Meet Jassy! She’s a two-year-old terrier mix with lots of energy.  And, she loves water.

She also loves playing with other dogs; especially her friend at the Humane Society, Boston.
Jassy is good at keeping herself entertained.

These animals are up for adoption at Humane Society of Coastal Georgia at 7215 Sallie Mood Drive. For more information, go to

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