Look out: scammers can steal your credit card information

SAVANNAH, GA – Skimmers look just like any ordinary card reader, but they are actually a fake one meant to look real.

Skimmers are electronic devices, disguised in gas pumps and ATM’s, that are designed to steal your credit card information.

Gerry Long, WSAV’s Crime Expert, said, “google skimmer and it will come up with skimmers that are for sale. For an investment, you buy five skimmers for 25 to 40 dollars a piece, and you put them in five different locations, and you sit there all weekend, you’ve got 500 to 600 credit card numbers.”

Here are tips Long told News 3 for how to avoid these skimmer scams:

  • Check to see if the pump you’re using looks different than the machines around it
  • Find a gas pump or ATM in a well-lit, surveillance area
  • Avoid using debit cards and inputting pin numbers
  • Monitor your bank account transactions
  • Set up fraud bank alerts on your phone
  • Download the skimmer scanner app for Android

Long’s biggest advice to viewers, is to trust your gut. She said, “if something doesn’t seem right, just go to a gas station or a different pump. Don’t take the risk.”

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