Hunter’s 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade holds symbolic color casing ceremony


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade at Hunter Army Airfield held a color casing ceremony Friday afternoon, marking the brigade’s deployment to the conflict in Afghanistan.

In the coming month of October, half of the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade is deploying to Afghanistan to assist counter terrorism forces by ensuring a safe and secure environment in Afghanistan.

“Our mission is to provide aviation support to the Afghan partners, and to our US forces in Afghanistan,” said the Brigade’s Commander Colonel Mark Johnson, “Soldiers are very excited to go and do their mission and support US national objective.”

While deployed, they will be recognized as Taskforce Falcon, which will also include the National Guard from South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Iowa.

The soldiers will provide attack aviation, logistics and medical evacuation support to the groundforce commander throughout Afghanistan. This includes attack Apaches, medevac Blackhawks, and heavy-lifting Chinooks.

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