Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Pink Out

The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office is finding time again to make a difference in the community.
They’re showing support for people living with breast cancer and those who lost the fight.
Pink ribbons cost $1.00 and can be seen throughout the Sheriff’s Office in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The Pink Out campaign concentrates on survivors at the Sheriff’s Office and educating co-workers.

Many were inspired to get a mammogram today thanks to a visit from Mammography Technicians with St. Joseph’s/Candler.
“I’m 61 years old, and I need to make sure that I get mine done regularly because it could creep up. You know with age your body deteriorates. So I have to make sure I get it yearly”, explains Pink Out Organizer Sharon Aikens.
Leticia Solomon is a two time breast cancer survivor: “I had to go in strong. Of course I was scared. I had to be a fighter. I had to go in a fighter and that’s how I came out a survivor.” 

The women say they are extremely grateful to work with people that care spreading awareness.
“Just make sure they keep up with their checkups. That’s so important, breast self- examinations
Just let them know that just because you have cancer you can still live after cancer,” explains Survivor Brenda Johnson.
The group is also selling bracelets and special pink-out t-shirts, and a Boston Butt sale is planned for October all to raise money for the American Cancer Society.


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