Trash pile gives glimpse of property loss on Tybee after Irma

Storm soaked household items pile up as debris removal moves forward on Tybee Island

(TYBEE ISLAND) Tybee Island is one of the communities in Chatham County hit hardest by Tropical Storm Irma. The storm surge there is responsible for a mountain of trash. The city has hired a firm to begin debris pick-up across the island. Ernest Perry works for the contractor hired to pick up the piles of debris for the city. Perry says damage is widespread here and heart-breaking. “It’s a lot of debris that’s for sure. I feel for these people out here.” said Perry.

City Manager Shawn Gillen says trash pick up after the storm is moving forward. “The second pass of the City is about to wrap up. A third pass will be done if there is debris still being placed in the right of way. The debris pile will be hauled out once the second and third pass are completed. Probably will happen within the next seven to ten days. Depending on weather and how much more debris is placed in the right of way for removal.” Gillen said.

Hundreds of piles of things lost in the storm line street after street on Tybee. Serious damage to homes due to storm surge and high tide fuels a growing mountain of trash. The staging area for all the water damaged household items is located beside the fire station on Jones Avenue, stacked nearly as high as an adjacent palm tree. Many of the things in the huge pile are new, replacements for household items lost to Hurricane Matthew less than a year ago. “Chest sets, clothes, I mean just all kinds of clothes, curtains, beddings, NEW STUFF? New stuff! Refrigerators washers dryers, anything you can imagine just about in your own house, would be out here.” said Perry. He adds that he and his crews will do everything they can to help the people on Tybee Island recover after Irma. “Our objective is to get up all the household waste at this point. We’re just working street to street, trying to do as much as we can do. We going to work at it until we get done.” Perry said.

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