One Body in Christ: A Service of Prayer & Unity

On Sunday, October 1, Urban Savannah Faith Community Council will host One Body in Christ: A Service of Prayer & Unity.  The special worship service with participants from many churches, will be held at Kingdom Life Christian Fellowship, 425 West Montgomery Crossroads.

“The events at Charlottesville, the hurricane, and so many other problems in our world made it clear that we need to take time to worship together, to pray together across religious tradition and racial lines that are often used to divide us.,” says Mary Beene, owner of Openings: Let the Spirit In, a spiritual direction practice and one of the pastors involved in the newly formed Faith Community Council.

Urban Savannah Chamber of Commerce formed the Faith Community Council to encourage church involvement in economic development in the city.  “If our congregations, which have thousands of members across the city, joined together to address economic justice and development, we could have a major impact on our city,” suggested pastors at its first meeting.

As the Council members talked about developing projects around civic engagement and business development, they realized something even bigger was happening.  “We were growing closer as pastors and finding how much we have in common in our ministry for Christ,” says Beene.  This led to the proposal earlier in the summer that the group have a joint worship service.

When the events in Charlottesville showed the growing influence of white supremacy across the country, the group knew it had to stand in opposition to hate and violence against our brothers and sisters.  The service planning was almost derailed by Hurricane Irma, but the pastors came together quickly to make sure this important event could still happen.

“With what’s been happening in our country and community, I think there’s nothing more that people will be interested in than a diverse group of people coming together to rally around their faith,” says Rev. Charles Roberson, pastor of Kingdom Life Christian Fellowship and Chair of the Faith Community Council.  Roberson’s church will also host the event at their sanctuary at 425 West Montgomery Crossroad.

Participating churches and organizations include:  Columba House, First African Baptist Church, First Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, First Union Baptist Church, Fresh Fire from Heaven Christian Church, Inc., Kingdom Life Christian Fellowship, Montgomery Presbyterian Church, Openings: Let the Spirit In, Outback Steakhouse, St. Mary’s Baptist Church, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, & White Bluff Presbyterian Church.

For more information contact Rev. Mary Beene at 912-856-2806 or

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