VIDEO: Full SCCPSS board meeting on proposed make-up day schedule

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — On Monday, Sept. 25, the Board of Education met in a special session to approve proposed make-up days for schools in the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System.

School officials and board members gathered for a Special Called Meeting and approved the proposed days for October and November — three in total.

News 3’s Darius Johnson was at the meeting and below are his top comments that he posted to Twitter during the meeting:

“The way to educate kids is in the classroom,” Julie Wade says.

“We went through the same thing last year this year,” Julie Wade says.

“As we anticipate more extreme weather we need to look at our calendar,” Julie Wade says.

“We need to get our turnaround time better,” Julie Wade says.

“All of Savannah was back to normal by Wednesday or Thursday… We need a faster turnaround,” Julie Wade says.

“I’m very disturbed that we’ve taken the instructional time away from our students,” Larry Lower said.

“If a teacher says I can’t teach because of these make up days–we don’t need that teacher,” Larry Lower said.

“50% of our students are underachieved and we want two more days off,” Larry Lower said.

“We’re supposed to be a Coastal resilient community,” Dr. Hoskins- Brown said.

“In the future we need to do a more robust job in our calendar planning… Perhaps someone from CEMA,” Dr. Hoskins-Brown said.

“We need to have more weather days in general,” Dr. Hoskins- Brown said.

“Some teachers feel that their vacation is more important than the students’ education. That’s disappointing..,” Ruby Jones said.

“The children at underperforming schools need that extra thought before we make decisions like this,” Cornelia H. Hall says.

“There is a difference between to quality of instruction and the quantity of instruction,” Shawn Kachmar says.

“The reality is we are graded on attendance,” Shawn Kachmar says.

“Maybe we should look at a School by school assessment to see if make up days are necessary,” Shawn Kachmar says.

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