Board approves make-up schedule for Savannah-Chatham schools

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Board of Education has approved three proposed make-up days for schools in the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System.

School officials and board members gathered for a Special Called Meeting today to discuss the proposed schedule.

The school board only passed the proposed days for October and November — three in total.

Students have missed seven instructional days due to the Solar Eclipse and Hurricane Irma, and to make up for the loss, SCCPSS proposed six make-up days.

According to SCCPSS, this would “makeup lost instructional time for students and ensure ample preparation for high school GMAS – End of Course Assessments.”

The following days were subject to approval:

  • 10/09/2017    (Currently designated as a Staff Planning Day)
  • 11/20/2017    (Designated Make-Up Day)
  • 11/21/2017    (Designated Make-Up Day)
  • 12/18/2017    (Currently designated as School Staff/Student Holiday)
  • 12/19/2017    (Currently designated as School Staff/Student Holiday)
  • 12/20/2017    (Currently designated as School Staff/Student Holiday)

Many were opposed to the schedule and launched an online petition that was delivered to the SCCPSS board.

The petition stated, in part, “Students and staff should not be punished for the district’s lack of foresight. Adding these days will unnecessarily shorten vacations and intrude on valuable family time.”

Over 2,400 people signed the petition to support a ‘no’ vote for the additional three December make-up days.

At the meeting today, Dr. Hoskins-Brown, District 2 School Board Representative said, “In the future, we need to do a more robust job in our calendar planning.” She added, “We need to have more weather days in general.”

School board members say they may have to revisit the calendar for the remainder of the school year as the hurricane season continues.

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