Fight caught on cam at Georgia school highlights tough role teachers play in classroom

ROME, Ga. — A disturbing scene caught on camera at a Georgia school is putting a spotlight on the tough jobs some teachers have.

This video shows a Rome resident is reacting to YouTube video reporters showed her of an incident at Rome middle school in Floyd County. The cellphone video appears to show two students fighting, with a teacher getting caught in the middle as the students repeatedly slapped each other.

The students’ faces are blurred because of their ages.

“Oh my gosh! Oh that’s terrible,” she says.

At first, school district officials told reporters they did not know what we were referring to. But after they sent them the video, the superintendent called and said they are “aware of the incident” but had no further comment. That means no information on when it happened or the circumstances.

“Where has all the respect gone for the people that are in authority over our children you know the teachers, the principals, law enforcement?” one resident asked.

Residents we spoke with say the incident highlights what some teachers have to deal with.

“Do you think she wants to come back? I don’t know you know that’s a tough call.”

But they believe it was an isolated incident and say it’s a good school.

“My daughters attended Rome Middle School. I have nothing but the highest accolades.”

The superintendent of the school district said he would not release any info about disciplinary action, citing privacy issues.

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