‘Don’t forget us’ San Juan Mayor pleads after Hurricane Maria

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (NBC News) – Hurricane Maria continues to tear through everything in her path — destroying homes and businesses and soaking the islands with rain.

“This clearly is going to be the most devastating storm in the history of our island,” says Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello.

Maria is one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in Puerto Rico in nearly a century.

“The Puerto Rico and San Juan we knew yesterday is no longer there,” says Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

Officials say they will need help from the mainland once the storm clears.

“Remember that you are a part of us even if you are not here,” Mayor Yulin Cruz says before an emotional plea.

“Don’t forget us. Just don’t forget us.”

The U.S. National Hurricane Center says Maria has lost its major hurricane status and is now a Category 2 storm after hitting Puerto Rico.

However, forecasters say some strengthening is in the forecast and Maria could again become a major hurricane by Thursday.

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