Child Passenger Safety Week promotes proper car seat installation

FORT MILL, S.C. (NBC News) – Many parents struggle with how to install and operate their children’s car seat’s correctly and Britax is ready to help.

Britax is an expert in both manufacturing car seats and ensuring that when the products leave the assembly line, moms and dads know how to use them correctly.

The lessons and support are critical. Parents make mistakes with three out of four car seats.

Director of Consumer Advocacy at Britax, Sarah Tilton elaborates. “Whether it’s inappropriate for the child’s age, weight, height, it’s used in the wrong direction, it’s not installed properly.”

Jennifer Puckett sees the importance of a proper car seat fit in her son’s sweet smile. A year ago, 5-year-old Myles was a passenger in this car when it flipped over in an accident. He was found hanging upside down, safe and secure in his car seat.

“Without that car seat, um… There’s just no way. I mean, he would have been out of that vehicle. “Says Puckett.

Proof that proper installation can be a lifesaver.

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