Some Florida colleges back in session post-Irma

Barry University Library

MIAMI (AP) – Some Florida colleges are getting back to work after Hurricane Irma, while others will have to wait several more days.

The University of Central Florida, in Orlando, has the state’s largest enrollment at around 66,000 students. Classes there resumed Monday and unlike some schools in the state, UCF won’t have to significantly alter its academic calendar for the fall semester. UCF is also making accommodations for students who were called up for National Guard duty.

Barry University, based in Miami Shores, plans to resume classes on Tuesday. The University of Miami won’t have undergraduate classes until next week, and already has called off its fall break to help make up for lost time. Florida International is working on its revised schedule, one that will have an extra week of classes tacked onto the original plan.

Florida Gulf Coast’s December commencement is also being postponed. FGCU students planning to graduate later this year will likely have to wait until at least January because of the impact of the storm and how much class time was lost.

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