Locals collecting donations for storm victims in Brunswick

SAVANNAH, GA – People across Savannah are helping victims in Brunswick recover from Tropical Storm Irma.

Savannah’s First Jerusalem Baptist Church teamed up with Greater Hall Temple in Brunswick to send a 53-foot tractor trailer full of supplies to those affected by the storm.

Volunteers donated water bottles, wet wipes, non-perishables, and other items to send to the area that is still without water or electricity.

“It could have been us, so we just want to do right and help others,” said Eric Williems, a volunteer who donated two-truck-loads of items.

The church had planned on going to Texas, but when organizers Michael “Comedian Redbone” Alcott and Hollis Johnson heard about Brunswick, they said they knew they needed to help closer to home.

Alcott said, “a lot of people have been bringing stuff to Houston and Houston got hit hard, Florida got hit hard, but we’re right here next to home so we’re trying to do what we can do for the community here.”

The two best friends told News 3 that this good deed is helping more than just storm victims.

“This is a coming together of people. No color, love. That’s what we came together for. We wanted to give back to the community, and we wanted to show everybody, hey we come together, as a people, for the right cause,” said Alcott.

The truck will be leaving for Brunswick on Friday. If you’d like to donate, you can drop off supplies at First Jerusalem Baptist Church on Acl boulevard from 5pm to 7pm Monday through Thursday.

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