Florida evacuees drive into pool on their way home

ACWORTH, Ga. (WSAV) – A Florida couple who drove to Georgia to get away from Hurricane Irma got a taste of southern hospitality when they accidentally drove their car into a hotel pool.

Officer Tamra Irving and Sgt. Tamara Clayton were on the scene in minutes, while bystanders helped the Florida couple out as their Lexus slowly sank.

Officer Irving helped Gloria Karadimos out of the pool while Sgt. Clayton helped Theodore.

Theodore explains that his foot slipped off of the break and smashed down on the accelerator, sending he and his wife into the pool.

Gloria went to the hospital as others kept watch over their two dogs.

Sgt. Clayton and other officers helped Theodore contact his insurance agency, arrange for a rental car, get new medications and check on his wife.

“I’m really proud how all of our officers had a good bedside manner, if you will, and took care of this couple,” says Acworth Police Chief Dennard.

The couple was clearly impressed and appreciative. Later they visited the Police Department and took the shift officers out for a meal.

They are back home in Florida now but have been considering moving since the incident.

“We feel that they are part of our family from now on,” says Theodore.


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