Woman gets help after dealing with Irma and Matthew

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga., (WSAV)—  Frannie Galloway moved to Lewis Avenue nearly nine years ago.

She says she did her research to know a hurricane hasn’t hit Tybee Island since 1898. But, this his is Galloways’ second time dealing with a natural disaster in less than a year.

First Matthew, then Irma. Although Irma, was a weaker storm once it made landfall in Georgia; it caused a great amount of flooding.

Residents of Tybee say they are fortunate to be receiving help from United Way of the Coastal Empire and Hands On Savannah with post storm clean up.

“It’s kind of hard to wrap my brain around. To be hit twice in one year, the big picture is well that do we do know and can we repair our homes,” Galloway said.

She’s trying to repair and start over- as volunteers remove debris, furniture, dry wall, insulation, and valuables from inside her home.

She says she has lost, “Probably over half of my possessions, not to mention my house it got three to four feet inside, and the electrical of course, water and electricity don’t mix so that’s going to have to be redone.”

She says shes been shocked twice inside her own storm, but that’s not the only shocker.

“For us to be hit twice in less than one year its staggering and guess we all, we’ve got so much to do now but we’re also trying to figure out whats the big picture, are we going to be hit again,” Galloway said.

The bigger picture is she has help. With tears in her eyes, Galloway tells her neighbors that FEMA will be providing individual assistance to those affected by Irma.

Instead of worrying about what’s next she says, she is grateful to still be alive.

“If anything my faith is enhanced by the goodness of people, and what their doing for my whole street. You know out of tragedy comes little miracles like that,” Galloway says.

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