Using a generator could be deadly, but here’s how you can stay safe

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) — Many without power are choosing to use generators. But, there are things you need to know to operate them safely- although they are deadly.

This week our sister station WFLA, in Tampa, FL., reported that a 7-year-old died from carbon monoxide because a generator was set up inside the home.

The heavy wind gusts of Hurricane Irma caused more than a million power outages statewide in Georgia. That includes more than 75,000 in Chatham County.

Homes without power should know exactly what kind of generator needs to be used.

“Inverted generator offers a more stable supply of power. That way it’s better for more sensitive electronic equipment and its also a whole lot quieter, and gives you a more stable current…a gas generator is going to provide you the most power, you’re going to be able to run your refrigerators your freezer pretty much everything in your home depending on the size,” says Tyler Clabey, Assistant Store Manager, Northern Tool and Equipment.

There are wattage calculators to tell you exactly which one you need so you can properly power your home.

According to Clabey, “It depends on the size of your home, and what you’re looking to constantly runs.  Both of these can run a refrigerator and a freezer. If you’re going to want to run your air conditioner you’re going to have to step it up to something larger and like I said you know it all depends on the size of your home.”

If you over power it you can burn it out. But, there are some have breakers so it will shut off automatically.

A few things you shouldn’t do and safety risks.

“Never use it indoors it produces carbon monoxide poisoning, which is dangerous and has no smell and can overtake you relatively quickly in an enclosed space, so you want to make sure its in an outdoor ventilated area so you can make sure to fumes aren’t being sucked back into the home,” Clabey says.

You are also at risk of, “electric shock, if its being incorrectly used, or wired to your home incorrectly you can suffer from electric shock from it which is potentially deadly and harmful,” Clabey said.

All of this information can be found in an owners manual or one can seek assistance from their a local store that sells them.





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