Turning preparations into immediate relief: How to repurpose hurricane supplies

SAVANNAH, Ga. – A week before Hurricane Irma made landfall in the United State thousands flocked to grocery stores to stock up on emergency supplies.

Now, less than a week after the storm made its way up the Southeast coast, many face a long road of cleanup ahead of them, especially in Florida and part of Southern Georgia.

For those who were spared the intense wrath of Irma, now have a choice with what to do with all those hurricane supplies purchased in case of a power or water shortage.

While some stores will allow for returns, others do not. Instead of pitching them or letting them sit in the garage or a closet until the next storm comes, whenever that might be, you may want to consider donating them to help those with immediate needs.

Savannah Responds has been collecting donations non-stop for weeks at first for Hurricane Harvey survivors and now adding those in need for Hurricane Irma.

On Thursday, co-chairman Michael Shortt worked to sort and load supplies into a tractor-trailer.

“So far we’ve sent 180,000 pounds out of town. Here’s going to be another 60 thousand pounds,” he said.

Shortt told WSAV that’s close to two million dollars in product all donated to in state and out of state affected by Irma.

“We had a big day yesterday going to Greenbrier and Ronald McDonald House and out in Guyton,” he said.

Currently, he is filling up a fourth tractor-trailer to take to Florida.

For a list of supplies that you can and cannot donate click here. Many on the list may include supplies you collected for your own Irma preparations.

“Karma is real. You didn’t use it, you didn’t need it, thank the Lord for that. Give it to someone who needs it now,” Shortt said.

Shortt says Savannah Responds is in need of volunteers to help with collecting, sorting, and loading donations.

If you are interested in signing up for a shift, message Shortt through the Savannah Responds Facebook page.

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