Fort Pulaski recovering from Hurricane Irma

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Fort Pulaski National Monument is closed for the third time this year, after facing another natural disaster.

The popular tourist attraction has withstood two hurricanes and a tornado in the past several months. It is recovering from damage to the visitor center, bridges found a football field away, and flooding due to Hurricane Irma. Water also seeped into the facility’s headquarters, and submerged a cannon near the fort. The structure itself remains intact.

Joel Cadoff, Chief of Interpretation, Education and Volunteers at Fort Pulaski, told News 3 that he doesn’t think Irma compares to Hurricane Matthew last year.

“We didn’t quite have as much water this time and our preparation was much better this go around so between those two we won’t have as much damage,” Cadoff said.

An assessment team from the Eastern Incident Management Team will come to Fort Pulaski next week to prepare an official report, but Cadoff believes it’ll take a lot more than a storm to bring this fort down.

Cadoff said, “Fort Pulaski means so much to different people, whether they’re coming out here for the history or they’re recreating on the trails, it’s just a wonderful oasis here in Savannah for people to come out and do different kinds of things. We just want to work as quickly as possible but we want to make sure that the park is safe, not only for our staff but for our visitors before we reopen.”

If you are interested in volunteering to help restore Fort Pulaski, click here or call 912-786-8182.

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