Video: Key Largo residents overcome with emotions as they return home

KEY LARGO (CNN) — Many people in Key Largo overcome with shock and heartbreak as they return home for the first time since hurricane Irma hit.

CNN’s Kyung Lah reports.

Waiting throughout the night, a line of cars stretching and growing as dawn breaks.

Heidi Neuzil, a Key Largo resident,  said “I want to go home. I want to see my home. I want to see that we have a home.”

Heidi and Allan Neuzi  out of their Key Largo house since Irma hit.

Fear and anxiety growing by the minute as they wait.

Allan Neuzil, yelled at a cop as he waiting on the road, “”My house where I pay taxes and I’m not allowed to get in here?”

Another man yells, too.

Before tempers flare even more, at  7 a.m. the first road block comes down.

The evacuated are returning home for the first time since the hurricane.

Cars stretching across U.S. 1–the only highway in or out of the Florida Keys.

“If you had to describe in a few words how you feel about all of this, what would it be?”

Allan Neuzil responded, “Frustrated, angry. The whole situation. Watching the news and not knowing what’s going on with your house, anything, your life.

You can see damage throughout Key Largo, Plantation and Islamorada.

But they’re considered lucky compared to the Lower Keys.

In Islamorada, Marilyn Rramos and her family are trying to look beyond their destroyed business.

Marilyn Ramos, of Habanos Oceanfront, said, “Things aren’t looking great right now, but we’re just trying to clean up, do the best that we can.”

While the residents of some keys got their answer. Others did not. This is a new road block. Another obstacle they’ll have to wait for to get past.

Beyond the roadblock, the door by door search and rescue continues.

“The people who stayed behind how desperate are they?”

Manny Leon, of Monroe County Fire Rescue,  said “Like everyone else, wanting food and water and wondering when the electricity is coming back. It’s going to be a while.”

Back in Key Largo, Allan and Heidi Neuzil get their first look at their home.

“Oh my god, the roof.”

Irma toppled five tall trees, crashing them on their boats and their house.

A mess of debris. the damage – limited to one corner of the roof and their boat.

Inside, it’s dry.

Seeing the house, are you okay?

“Now, right now, I’m okay. Right now, my family’s okay. I am okay.” (Starts to cry)

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