Florida foster kids spend a few nights in a $30 million mansion

BOCA RATON, Fla. (WSAV) – Dozens of foster kids who were spending the past few nights in a Florida shelter are now kicking back in a $30 million mansion in Boca Raton.

“At 12 noon we got a call from the CEO of SOS Children’s Village saying they were thrown out of the two shelters they had been and they needed a place to go,” says Mark Bell, owner of the 27,000 square foot mansion.

Bell is on the Board of the SOS Children’s Villages and said the kids could come stay with him and his wife Jennifer.

“They were staying but it’s more that and they were grateful to be allowed in someone’s home,” says Jennifer.

There is something for every child here, whether it be TV, dolls or games, like pool, air hockey or vintage arcade games.

These kids are playing the same types of games that bell says he played as a child.

“So to watch kids now play them 40 years later, it’s a great feeling,” says Bell.

Tuesday night the kids will be introduced to the Star Trek home theater room.

And some of them will actually sleep in the lobby among all the memorabilia.

“It’s a fun room,” says Bell, “It’s meant to be fun for adults and our own kids, and now they’re getting the same pleasure that we get out of it.”

He has put up “don’t touch” signs on some items, like his actual “Tribbles” from Star Trek and an original Leonard Nimoy Spock ear.

But Bell says the kids can stay as long as they want.

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