Wilmington, Talahi Island residents clear away piles of Irma debris

Wilmington Island resident clearing away sea grass from backyard

SAVANNAH, Ga. — (WSAV) Many residents along Wilmington, Whitemarsh and Talahi Islands spent the day cleaning up all the debris left behind by Irma.

They’re thankful the damage left behind by Irma wasn’t worse, but she definitely left her mark.

Diane Hinely shot video of her back yard on Wilmington Island just around high tide Monday.

Wassau Island is just behind her home. She said it was scary to feel this rough wind and see all the water pushing through into her back yard.

But, when Irma finished lashing the area, it left behind tons and tons of marsh grass in her back yard.

“So, I’m sure the storm had washed it from some other little island, and all of a sudden it ends up in our backyard. We’re having to take our marsh grass and either move it back into the marshes where it’s supposed to be. I’m like going, wait a minute now, we just did this for Matthew, now we’re having to clean up again with Irma and hopefully nothing with Jose,” says Diane Hinely from Wilmington Island.

Many residents along the islands will spend several days clearing away all the marsh grass from their yard.

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