FEMA to assess Hurricane Irma damage

FLORIDA (WSAV) – The Southeast continues to deal with the remnants Hurricane Irma. Though she was downgraded to a tropical storm, winds and rain are still causing problems.

“We are going to definitely see some flash flooding in other things happening in Georgia and parts of the Carolina’s as well,” says Katie Fox, FEMA’s acting Deputy Administrator.

But after Irma pounded Florida, officials now have concerns about damage from storm surge and high winds across southeastern states.

President Trump pledged support for victims.

“When Americans are in need, Americans pull together — and we are one country.  And when we face hardship, we emerge closer, stronger, and more determined than ever,” says President Trump.

FEMA says it’s now working with state and local officials to provide water, food and other supplies to areas affected by Irma.

Officials say it’s too early to tell exactly how bad the situation is but they are expecting it to be a long road to recovery.

Fox says the agency has the money it needs to get the job done. But it’s going to take time.

“As soon as we have a good assessment of what the infrastructure situation is, we can get those teams in,” says Fox, “As we have a sense of where those search and effort assets are needed, we can do that as well.

FEMA plans to focus its resources on Florida first, then send relief to other states.

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