Video: Irma brings devastation to Florida; Georgia and Alabama get ready

TAMPA (CNN) — Hurricane Irma has brought torrential rain, flooding, strong winds and power outages to Florida and it’s not done yet.

The storm is now at Category One strength, but it’s expected continue its trail of destruction in at least two more states.

Utter devastation throughout the sunshine state.

Hurricane Irma tore through southwest Florida Sunday, bringing down trees and lots of debris in its wake.

Governor Rick Scott says he’s been in close contact with the White House.

Gov. Scott said, “We are working very closely with the federal government to make sure Floridians have the resources they need for this storm.”

Irma brought 90 mile per hour wind gusts to Miami, and enough rain to flood some of the area’s roadways.

Much of the state is under a hurricane warning with at least 3 million are without power.

And now neighboring states are bracing for Irma.

Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia said, “Stay in place, make sure it’s a secure place, as much as you can do so. And stay off the roads.”

A state of emergency is declared for all of Georgia’s 159 counties.

Heavy rains are expected Monday throughout north Georgia, including metro Atlanta, where many schools and businesses are already closed.

Alabama officials are also getting ready for the wrath of Irma.

Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama said, “This is an all hands on deck event.”

Irma spent a record-setting three days as a Category Five hurricane, and is the strongest Atlantic basin hurricane ever recorded outside of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

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