Storm Babies: Despite damage, Irma brings the gift of life

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – There was a silver lining in the clouds Irma brought last night — two beautiful babies born at St. Joseph’s Candler.

Meet Connor, the newest addition to the Ellison family from Bulloch County. And believe it or not, this wasn’t the first time his parents faced childbirth in a storm.

“He’s our rainbow baby,” says Kristen Ellison, Connor’s mom, “We had him after we had a miscarriage after Hurricane Matthew last year.”

Ellison says she and her husband have quite the story to share with Connor about his birth as he grows up.

“I’m sure hurricanes are going to have a huge significance for her,” says Marybeth Milton, Labor & Delivery Clinical Manager, “She had a beautiful delivery after a loss — both in hurricanes.”

Connor’s birth marked the second time in twenty years at St. Joseph’s Candler. Ronald, who was born last night as well, was the first.

But that didn’t seem to phase his mother, who says, “I didn’t know. Everybody was like, surprised and all happy. That’s the last thing I was thinking about when I was coming in here. But I met a lot of people because of it.”

Caroline Foxworth is grateful for her healthy baby and the fact that she made it to the hospital ahead of Irma.

“So I came to St. Joseph’s around 6:30 p.m. because the pain was getting worse and they said we are about to have a baby,” she explains, “And that was better than evacuating.”

Ronald’s nurses at St. Joseph’s Candler even gave him a nickname in honor of Tropical Storm Irma.

“They call him ‘Irmontay’ after the storm Irma,” Foxworth says.

Perhaps hoping for better weather, but Ronald (a.k.a. Irmontay), Connor and their moms are doing just fine tonight.

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