Remembrance Day honors victims of 9/11 around the country

NEW YORK (WSAV) – On the very spot where nearly three thousand people died at the hands of terrorists, thousands more gathered today to remember them.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish you were with us,” says one New Yorker, holding back tears.

In Washington, President Trump laid a wreath in remembrance of the 184 people who died at The Pentagon and said a few words about those dark days that brought the country together.

“Common bonds never felt so strong,” says Trump. “The sacrifice grounds on which we stand today are a monument to our national unity and to our strength.”

But another September 11th legacy is war — one in Iraq and another in Afghanistan, which continues to this day.

Vice President Pence invokes its victims at the flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania.

“We will always cherish the memory of the nearly 7 thousand Americans who’ve given their lives on the field of battle,” says Pence.

Remembrance Day continues late into the night, with two beams of bright, blue beams of light shooting miles of into the skies of Manhattan.

The ‘Tribute in Light’ to the 9/11 victims is visible for miles and will stay illuminated until dawn.

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