Video: Irma bears down on Florida

FORT MYERS, Florida (CNN) — Irma has arrived in Florida.

Officials and residents have planned for days  and now it’s time to hunker down.

The deadly hurricane is back up to Category Four strength after falling to category three as it moved across Cuba.

Kristen Holmes is in Fort Myers, Florida with the latest:

After days of waiting, watching and preparing, Irma has arrived in Florida, making landfall Sunday morning. The storm is massive – 70,000 square miles, larger than Florida’s entire land area.

Heavy wind and sustained rain are hammering the region and hundreds of thousands are already without power

At least 36 million people are under hurricane warnings.

Those who didn’t evacuate are hunkered down and holding on.

Gov. Rick Scott/Florida said, “This is a resilient state, we’re going to make it through this.”

The storm regained strength after pounding Cuba, intensifying to Category Four strength in the waters south of the Florida Keys.

Irma was farther west than originally anticipated when it finally turned north putting Tampa and the west coast squarely in the storm’s path.

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said, “”We’ve been lucky because we haven’t taken a direct hit in over 90 years, so we really have been blessed, but we also recognized that our day was going to come. And it looks like our day has come.”

Although Miami and the east coast of Florida were spared a direct hit, water is still rising there.

With as much as 20 inches of rain predicted through Wednesday, Florida can only wait and hope for the best.

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