Two Neighbors take different approaches to Irma

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Hurricane Irma is bringing out the differences in how even neighbors see mandatory evacuation orders. Friday morning we found Ryan Cooper boarding up windows on his Wilmington Island home saying he was securing his place before he left town. “We’re going to be able to cover everything and lock everything up before we go to Atlanta.”

Cooper may have quite a different perspective of “toughing it out” in comparison to some people. “We went through Hurricane Hugo back when I was in first grade so I typically leave whenever something is coming.”

He also told me had “been concerned about Hurricane Irma since he starting tracking it because of high big it is.

But directly across the street, we found his neighbor Jay Chall. “I am boarding up and staying,” Chall told me.

Chall said he’s former military and well organized. “I’m pretty prepared. I’ve got a low table and a bar top table that I will put in the hallway and sleep under that a little extra protection. I’ve got enough food to last me three weeks, I’ve got a generator with about 25 gallons of gas .”

He fired up the generator to show us it definitely works. Chall said he and his family did evacuate during Hurricane but “It was such a hassle last time. We drove to Atlanta and it took us eight hours to get back. We got home and there was stuff everywhere and I’ve got neighbors that aren’t going to be here they need somebody to watch their house.”

Chall even has a boat he says he can use if need be. “I’m fairly confident in my abilities. I’ve had plenty of survival training in the Marines so I think I can survive this.”

Cooper wishes his neighbor well but says he is still evacuating.

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