Hurricane Irma: Important info for Evans County residents

Below is a list of important information and links for Evans County residents ahead of Hurricane Irma. For additional information from Evans County Emergency Management, visit here

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  • Waived Landfill Fees for Storm Debris:
    Click here to download official flyer. In an effort to assist with debris cleanup of Hurricane Irma, the Evans County Board of Commissioners is issuing vouchers to waive Landfill tipping fees for storm debris for residential and commercial citizens of Evans County. PLEASE NOTE, THESE STEPS MUST BE FOLLOWED TO OBTAIN A VOUCHER AND WAIVE LANDFILL FEES.1. Contact the Evans County Tax Assessor’s Office at (912) 739-3424
    Let them know you’re interested in a Landfill Voucher for your Hurricane Irma storm debris. They will gather any necessary information (including your address and phone number) and add it to a list of properties for our Code Enforcement Officer to visit.2. Obtain Voucher From Code Enforcement
    Our Code Enforcement Officer will call and meet you at your property. He will inspect the debris you are planning to bring to the Landfill. He will then notate the information on the Voucher and give it to you. If you are utilizing a Contractor for your cleanup, the Voucher will still be made out to you, but the Contractor’s company will be notated on it as well to facilitate dumping. The Code Enforcement Officer will issue appropriate number of vouchers based on amount of debris upon inspection.3. Take Your Debris & Voucher to the Evans County Landfill
    Take your debris and Voucher to the Evans County Landfill and present it to the Scale Operator. They will instruct you where to unload your debris. Also, if you are utilizing a Contractor, ensure that they are not bringing a single load encompassing debris from multiple customers.NOTE: THIS PROGRAM WILL OFFICIALLY END OCTOBER 14, 2017


Hurricane Damage Form can be found here.

Click here to go back to the list of all counties in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

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