Florida families pass through Savannah to escape Irma’s wrath

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — With more than 6 million people leaving South Florida, not all of them decided to follow the mandatory evacuation.

A few listened and decided to gather their families, and hit the road for safety. Many chose to drive north of Florida to get out of harm’s way.

One family traveled from Jupiter, Florida, after they just purchased a new home. They stayed for Hurricane Matthew last year but aren’t willing to chance it with their two boys ages 2 and 4.

“But this time it’s going to cover all of Florida, and just the catastrophic nature of the hurricane I didn’t want to risk my family with so we headed north,” says Daniel Vazquez, as he holds his 4-year-old son.

Vazquez says he’s lucky to have a friend outside of Savannah that will allow his family to stay until it’s safe to return home.

Another family came from St. Augustine and they left their grandmother behind in their home who refused to leave. Sean Frey, says, the last time he evacuated Florida was for Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and has never seen anything like Hurricane Irma before.

“My parent’s house got flooded during Matthew and totally destroyed so we didn’t want to take this chance. I mean it’s going to come right over our house and we’re in a flood area so we had to evacuate…” Frey said.

Frey is headed out of the path of Irma as he and his two daughters, wife, and dog head to North Carolina.

Both families are hoping for the best and praying for family, friends, and other residents as well.

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